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Noto Fruit Farm
7539 E Townline Rd
Williamson, NY 14589

NY State Apple Cider Member

Noto Apple Cider

Our Apple Cider operation was installed in 2002 with full production underway in 2003. We use high quality, hand picked apples in our fresh apple cider. We custom blend several varieties of apples to ensure the finest quality flavor. Prior to pressing our apples we wash them in fresh water and run them through a seven brush scrub system. To further ensure that our Apple Cider is made the way nature intended, we do not use preservatives or additives.

We are a member of New York State Apple Cider.

Our Cider Process

Step 1

Our apples are washed and conveyed up an elevator which sends the apples into a grinder.
Step 2
The apples are ground and fed into a stacking process. Utilizing a special cider cloth designed to separate the apple juice from the remainder of the apple.
Step 3

After stacking several layers of the ground apples, the stacking trays are pressed to extract all the apple cider.
Step 4 - Bottleing

Our Cider is sent to a holding tank, treated utilizng a FDA approved UV process. We then bottle for our customers enjoyment.
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